2016: Year in Review

[mk_fancy_title tag_name=”h2″ style=”true” color=”#393836″ size=”24″ font_weight=”inhert” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”18″ font_family=”none” align=”center”]The Top 10 Highlights of CSI globalVCard’s Year[/mk_fancy_title]

  1. CSI KickStart

CSI Kick Start, Inc., a FinTech startup incubator founded by leading corporate payments innovator CSI Enterprises, announces that its application for FinTech startup funding is now open. Aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to revolutionize key areas of B2B payments including virtual cards, FX, ACH, checks or security concerns may apply online.

The CSI KickStart model is unique in the world of venture capital funding. The company not only looks for game-changing innovations, but also provides a team environment and access to resources, expertise in all areas of business development including technology development, and guidance from a network of successful entrepreneurs and advisors. It has been nearly one year since CSI Kick Start launched and 100% of the startups funded have achieved significant success.

Fintech startups with ideas and business models that show the potential for disruptive innovation are encouraged to visit the CSI Kick Start website and apply online at https://csikickstart.com/apply/.

  1. Charity Impact

Our charity committee had their work cut out for them this year! Our impact was phenomenal – over $30,000 invested, along with countless hours of staff volunteer time – and supported the following organizations:

  1. Power2Change Foundation

We announced the creation of our corporate foundation, Power2Change. After 27 years in business, CSI remains steadfast in its commitment to donate a percentage of revenues every year to charitable causes. Power2Change formalizes this commitment, with the ‘2’ representing the basis points (BPS) that will be donated every year from the revenue earned on payment transactions that the company processes. Considering that billions of dollars are processed through CSI’s award-winning globalVCard paysystems platform every year, the potential impact can be life changing for recipients.

  1. Going Global!

We will be the first company of our kind to process payments globally. Prepare for a Europe launch in Q1!

  1. Expansion of Global Partnership Operations

CSI globalVCard expanded its global partnership operations team to support the company’s growing network of strategic FinTech partnerships. The team is based out of our Dallas office to allow for convenient travel to visit partners.

  1. Establishing the “Disney” Customer Service Experience

CSI globalVCard sends employees and their families on an all-expenses paid retreat every year to foster team-building. This year, our annual trip was to Walt Disney World, where we all experienced world-class customer service and came back with a fresh perspective and a motivation to be as customer-focused as Disney World with all of our own clients!

  1. Finsider Launch

CSI globalVCard announced the launch of a new podcast series! “The Finsider” is a podcast where we discuss the biggest innovations in FinTech with leaders in the space and also uncover what drives them. Our first episode is an interview with Yousseff Sneifer, President of Microsoft Payments.

  1. Investment in Front Runner Films, LLC

Front Runner Films, LLC was the newest addition to the CSI Enterprises family of companies, the latest investment from incubator CSI Kick Start, Inc. The startup video production company may fall outside of CSI’s payments wheelhouse, but the market need for quality commercial and branded content quickly became apparent when CSI set out to bring its stories to life through video as part of the company’s 25-year anniversary two years ago.

  1. Partnership with Cambridge Global Payments for Cross-Border Payments

Through integration between Cambridge’s cutting-edge payments technology and CSI’s award-winning electronic accounts payable solution, customers will now be able to move money safely, quickly and intelligently through a web or mobile portal, 24/7. Using one single payment file upload, international payments can be issued and settled via virtual credit card, ACH, check or wire transfer in over 140 currencies. Moreover, businesses can take advantage of access to unparalleled exchange rates that are pre-negotiated with some of the world’s largest, fully regulated cross-border payment providers, which means higher cost-efficiency and no hidden fees.

  1. Temporary On-Site Nursery Established

CSI decided to set-up an all-expenses paid mini-nursery in its corporate HQ for two new moms for the first few weeks following their maternity leave. The benefits of an on-site nursery in the first few months post-partum are numerous and our new moms are very grateful to be near their babies!